Christina Aguilera Gets Tearful as She Thanks Loyal Fans in Video

‘I just really adore your loyalty and the support that you give me,’ the singer says to her fans, whom she credits for helping her make it through this far.

Christina Aguilera became tearful in a video she shared to thank her fans for their unwavering support.

The 37-year-old released her eighth studio album, Liberation, on Friday, June 15, and the star posted the video to Twitter with the caption: “Fighters this goes for you too….”.

Aguilera is seen celebrating with a glass of champagne in her hand while in a restaurant, and decided to dedicate her emotional speech to her loyal fans.

“This business is so cutthroat and it’s so hard. I feel like I’m gonna cry. When I feel protected, I’m at my best and I just adore the people that are truly loyal to me. And I just love you guys so much,” Aguilera said as she became visibly emotional.

“I just really adore your loyalty and the support that you give me. Because I’m not gonna stop and I’m gonna keep the momentum going. And I’m so happy. I had a great week… besides the exhaustion! I’m getting tired of these early f**king mornings and s**t!”.

She concluded through tears: “This is what I was born to do, so thank you for all for making that possible for me”.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, she revealed she had to push for some of the songs to make it onto the album.

“These songs so make sense and are so relevant now,” she explained. “I was doing it back then and I’m glad that I stuck to my guns. I really, truly just came out with things that I believed in, even if it was against the grain, and even if people were like, ‘Really, you shouldn’t be saying that. It’s going to start up too much controversy'”.

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