Christina Aguilera Releases Outrageously Sexy Music Videos

Her video for one song off the first album in 12 years hints that perhaps she will be keeping it dirty, despite claiming to be refreshing herself.

Christina Aguilera, the 37-year-old former The Voice judge, is well known for her sex appeal, catchy songs, and steamy music videos. She has had a couple of different transformations over the years in becoming a mother, losing a fair amount of weight, and making a huge career choice. There are plenty of moments to obsess over with Christina.

She has given fans hot hits such as her flirtatious music video, “Come On Over,” and her NFSW smash hit, “Not Myself Tonight.” Aguilera knows how to ignite a flame, that is for certain. She has taken her skills even further than many vocalists, releasing so many spicy clips. PopSugar has a nice round up of their choices for sexiest Christina Aguilera videos.

Fans know that the singer has been on a fairly long hiatus. Aguilera recently came back in a hugely different way, taking, as Pitchfork put it, “tentative steps toward creative rebirth” with her new album, Liberation. This happens to be the first album released by Christina since 2012. The first video fans were given in May, to hype the album, was a very muted, but pleasant look into the celebrity’s mindset. Quite a different speed than fans are typically used to seeing from Aguilera.

“I feel like a brand new artist.”

Liberation, as it is aptly named, came in at No. 6 on the charts since its debut. She is certainly trying to reinvent herself and has stated as much to reporters when speaking about her comeback album. South China Morning Post cites the singer as expressing a disconnected feeling from her purpose. Her passion to finding her way back to herself is showcased in Liberation.

Not planning to chase a trend, Aguilera created an album that is all about finding her footing again, while progressively crafting down-tempo R&B with D.C. rapper GoldLink, and pointing a finger at the patriarchy with Ty Dolla $ign and Kanye West. Christina appears to be inspiring fans with Liberation, and has taken to Twitter to share that recently.

“Because I am a real vocalist, I have always heard, ‘Why don’t you just stand and do a bunch of ballads?’ That’s just one element of what I do, but it’s not everything.”

Her new look is also a new embrace. The cover of her album is a total bare face, looking fresh, clean, and gorgeous while suggesting a new style to this album altogether. A different look to the woman who has not at all been afraid to get dirty. She brings us a way more stripped back look and feel. Judging by the track list off Liberation, fans may be in for a different tone and type of music videos than what they are used to.

Although the video for one song off the new album, “Accelerate,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz, seems to definitely be in line with Christina’s sexy style. Hopefully soon, fans will get more of a taste from music videos to go along with the tracks on Liberation.
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