Christine McGuinness bares all during topless sunbathing session with Paddy

Christine McGuinness has left fans picking their jaws up off the floor after sharing a racy clip online.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star looked hotter than ever as she basked in the summer sun.

Laying on her front, Christine topped up her tan as she beamed away for the camera.

Keen to avoid dreading bikini strap tan lines, the starlet dared to bare and went topless.

Pressing her chest into the ground, Christine moved the camera around her body to flash a cheeky glimpse of side boob.

Flashing her pearly whites, the starlet played with her hair as she filmed herself.

In another upload, the TV personality rocked flashed her snakeskin thong bikini.

Joined by husband Paddy, the duo posed for a cute selfie.

Dressed in a white shirt, the Take Me Out host sported a massive grin a they enjoyed some down time.

The couple recently opened up about the extra difficulties lockdown has brought them due to their children having special needs.

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Speaking frankly, Christine said earlier this year: "It’s been a rollercoaster. It started off extremely difficult, for everyone it was a massive shock.

"Our kids are autistic and they struggle with shock. All of these differences were suddenly thrown at them, the school was closed, not allowed friends or family over, which we used to do, at weekends we couldn’t go to the park."

"With three children that struggle with change anyway and don’t really understand an awful lot, that was extremely difficult, for them to suddenly change overnight.

"We did kind of get used to it over the summer, they did stop asking about going out and that’s sort of where we’re at now."

Heartbreakingly, a lot of the process Paddy and Christine had made with their children in terms of confidence has been lost.

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The Real Housewives of Cheshire star continued on Loose Women: "It’s quite sad really that they now accept it’s normal to stay in."

"We’ve spent years and years encouraging our children, it doesn’t come naturally to them, to go and socialise, going out to busy places and new places like play centres – they can be quite frightening – it took them years to do that quite happily. Now they don’t even ask about it, it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s quite sad."

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