Ciara Gushes Over Motherhood and Her ''Rock Star'' Kids at BBMAs

Ciara can’t stop smiling when it comes to her family.

While appearing on the 2018 Billboard Music Awards red carpet Sunday night, the “I Bet” singer was more than excited for a night of unforgettable performances.

At the same time, she couldn’t help but have kids on her mind.

During her stop on Live From the Red Carpet, Ciara shared new details about her son Future Jr. who just celebrated a big birthday.

“Future is so special. He just turned 4. He’s such a rock star. He’s full of so much life and he loves to dance, loves Michael Jackson. It’s amazing how timeless his work is at this day and age. A kid Future’s age is looking, being mesmerized, wants to moon walk the moves. It’s so good,” she shared with E! News’ Jason Kennedy. “We dance nonstop in the house.”


2018 Billboard Music Awards: Red Carpet Fashion

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As for what’s the best part about motherhood, Ciara shared just a few of the great perks to being a parent.

“It’s a special gift that we are given as women. It’s just awesome. It makes life make complete sense to me. It puts things into perspective,” she shared from Las Vegas. “I just love putting a smile on my kids’ faces. They put a smile on mine. I just take pride in that. It’s an awesome gift and blessing.”

During tonight’s show, Ciara, the BBMAs and Uber will celebrate the women who create music’s biggest hits. They hope to empower women everywhere to blaze new trials across the music industry and beyond.

Learn more about the partnership online now.

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