Cole Swindell Teases New Party Anthem and Upcoming Album Cut That Will 'Tug on the Heartstrings'

The country star is set to drop his third studio album, “All of It,” in August.

Cole Swindell is hoping to give country fans a good "Reason to Drink" with the release of his single of the same name this week.

The good-time track is the latest cut from his upcoming album "All of It," following the success of "Break Up In the End." Swindell tells TooFab the songs on the album range from happy to heartbreaking, including one song he describes as "one of the most special" he’s ever recorded.

The country singer says fans can expect a party vibe from "Reason to Drink," which he says is "similar to any party song I’ve had on any album, like ‘Get Up,’ or ‘Brought To You By Beer.’ It kind of sounds like ’90s country, this anthem kind of thing."

Swindell added that he’s "excited" to get the song out there officially, after playing it on his tour of the same name. So, why release the single so long after the start of the tour? "I didn’t want the tour to be called ‘Break Up in the End,’" he explained. "This one, ‘Reason to Drink,’ just fit and I think that sounds like a concert I’d want to go to."

He also noted that he has a fall tour lined up as well, with a "great lineup" he wasn’t able to reveal just yet.

As for the song he’s most excited about, Swindell cited the title track as one of them. "It’s the last song we recorded. I was done with the album, and a buddy of mine played me this song he had written," he explained, saying he knew he had to get back in the studio the second he heard it. "And now it’s the album title and it’s probably the coolest vibe of a song I’ve had since ‘Chillin’ It.’"

While he said "All of It" is "just one of those windows down" kinda songs, he knows he has fans out there that love the "sad ones" too. "I love to have a good mix, and that’s how I make my albums," he continued. "It’s trying to cover every topic, and I want those ones that make my live shows better, but I want those ones that can stop the show and make people think too."

One of those showstoppers is "Dad’s Old Number," which the singer said is "one of the most special songs" on the album and a some he says will "tug on the heartstrings."

Swindell also teased a possible duet. "I wanted a female duet, but I think we’re going to save that ’till we find the perfect song and the perfect artist for that," he said. "There is a song that’s uptempo, kind of a party song I’d love to have one of my buddies sing on it with me, so we’ll see. That could be a late, last, second edition."

"All of It" drops August 17. Read the rest of our Q&A with him below!

Who would your dream collaboration be?

There are so many artists. I’d love to sing with Tim McGraw; I grew up on ’90s country. George Strait, Alan Jackson, any of them. Randy Travis; that was my first concert so, and then there’s other genres that I’d love to do, but I’m a country fan, and I think that’s where I would lean to first.

For the upcoming album did you do a lot of your own song writing, as you have in the past?

I wrote probably half of the album, maybe a little less actually. When we’re making an album, it’s best song wins. I’m not too proud to know that we’ve got the best country music songwriters, right here, in town. The fact that I’ve worked hard enough to where they’re sending me their best songs. Now I’m not, you know, I’m certainly not gonna let a big song pass me just because I didn’t write it, but I do want to still write songs. I think that’s something over the past couple of years I’ve had to focus on, the artist thing. But now, having made this album, I know it’s time to get back writing ’cause I wanna ― I want to write every song I can, but I just want the best ones to be on the album.

What was that transition like, going from being a songwriter, and to singing other songwriter’s songs?

As weird, crazy as it sounds, honestly. I moved to town to be an artist and to write songs, but I just kind of fell in love. At that point, I’d been playing in college for 5 or 6 years and loved being on stage. I was writing, but I knew I wasn’t good enough yet. I knew I needed to get up here and learn a lot and I did and I just kind of fell in love with the songwriting. Everything I felt on stage the five years, before that I felt in that writing room and it just kind of, you know, I didn,t have to travel, I could just stay in town and write songs, and that’s kind of what I thought I was gonna do.

I didn’t really think of the artist thing until Luke [Bryan] and Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line; they were recording some songs that I had written that kind of got my name out there. People heard my versions, and you know they were like, "Man, you know this could be your song slot." I’m thankful for them. People ask, "Would you have given those songs away still?" And absolutely, ’cause I may not be here without those because they certainly got my name out and got the talk going around town and ended up getting me a record deal.

With songs like "You Should Be Here," do they ever start losing their impact after singing them so many times?

Ah man, you know when you’re looking [like last night] 50, 000 people singing along, knowing the lyrics, they’ve lost somebody too. I don’t think it could ever lose impact. Last night, I’ve sang it for however many years it’s been out, and that was one of the first times I about lost it on stage, just because I was thinking about the lyrics. I know my dad was freaking out last night ’cause I was too. It was, it was amazing, actually, knowing that those people, they share their stories and I’ve written one that matters and helped them through a tough time, that’s ultimately why I moved here. I always said if that’s the best song I ever write I’m good with that.

Do you have any other plans this summer?

Just festivals right now, I think. We’ve got some big festivals we’re doing, headlining some, we’re direct support on some with some big artists, but it’s going to be fun. Festivals are always huge, huge crowds. And then in the fall, like I said, we’re waiting to get that info out on my fall tour and who’s going out with me and all that good stuff.

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