Concert Review: Pink Reaches Full Altitude at Spectacular Forum Show

In the history of traveling pop music outings, there’s probably never been a better first 10 seconds of any tour than the opening of Pink’s current show. After a small eternity in which the audience is left gazing at a reddish curtain, increasingly indented as unknowable pieces of staging are pushed into place, it suddenly drops and the crowd is immediately plunged into a “Get the Party Started” that appears to have already started a few hours earlier. A dozen bits of business are happening with the dancers, musicians and props, but at or hovering over the center of it all is Pink, hanging from a quadruple-scale chandelier that is already deep into pendulum mode.

The waste-no-time audaciousness of opening the show with this “joined already in progress” moment is kind of as if Cecil B. DeMille decided to dispense with preliminaries and start “The Ten Commandments” right as the parting of the Red Sea is happening, or the “Jaws” shark leaped out of the water in a jump cut right from the Universal logo. You had to suspect she was not getting the show’s climax out of the way before the opening chorus shifted to the first verse, but it was hard not to laugh out loud at the feeling that might be what was happening with this 0-to-120 turbo launch.

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