DaBaby Responds to Cheesecake Factory Employee’s Claims He’s Giving Away Free Tickets

According to a Twitter user, the ‘Intro’ hitmaker gives out free concert tickets at Marathon Music Works to employees at the Cheesecake Factory in Nashville, but many of her co-workers decline to attend.

AceShowbizDaBaby once again faces allegations that he’s losing his popularity in the wake of his homophobic remarks. The 30-year-old has fought back after a Cheesecake Factory employee claimed that he’s giving away free tickets of one of his most recent shows.

According to the Twitter user, DaBaby gave out free concert tickets at Marathon Music Works to employees at the Cheesecake Factory in Nashville, but many of her co-workers refused to attend. The show was scheduled for Wednesday, November 16 with special guest ZayTheGoat.

“He (DaBaby) came to my job yesterday to give out free tickets. He left and came back with a cameraman,” the employee tweeted. ” ‘Why is he here again?’ “

Many have since mocked DaBaby, with one Internet user responding to the Cheesecake Factory employee’s story, ” ‘Why’s he here again’ from the Cheesecake Factory employee is a different kind of pain to feel for an artist.”

Another weighed in, “craziest part is dababy went out his way to self sabotage his own career there’s like 0 cop out to all of this.” A third blamed DaBaby’s controversy over his homophobic rant for his possible downfall, “What he gets for being a homophobic bozo.”

Some fans, however, have come to DaBaby’s defense. “You made sure you got ua lil video tho ‘I saw DaBaby y’all!’ heada** lmaoo,” one person clapped back at the employee. Another alleged, “If you wanted a free ticket just say that.” A third fan added, “Y’all gotta stop the DaBaby slander s**t is wild tearing down a Black man tryna be successful.”

DaBaby himself has seemingly caught wind of the claims and denied it. “Whoever paying them blogs to post dat bulls**t needa get they money back. It ain’t working n***a,” he wrote on his Instagram page on Friday.

Sharing a clip from his show in Atlanta, he claimed, “We showing up in real life & we flipping s**t upside DOWN.”

Earlier this month, he laughed off reports that his upcoming show sells buy one, get one free (BOGO) tickets due to low turnout. Flashing his rings on his Instagram Story, he said with a chuckle, “They think I lost it, n***a.” He added in the caption, “Me Boston just FLIPPED s**t.”

The Grammy Award-winning artist also responded to trolls who claimed that he fell off. The emcee showed off his luxurious cars in a clip while he was seen lying down on the ground in front of his colorful cars, pretending to be in pain.

When the cameraman asked him, “What happened to your legs?” DaBaby jokingly replied, “I was on the top, then I fell off.” The duo then burst into laughter as the rapper tried to get up.

In the caption, the “Rockstar” rhymer wrote, “I FELL OFF. But nah fr man GOD IS GREAT, I ran this s**t up from NOTHING & still stand firm on morals & principles.” He added, “I’m BLESSED. & Filled with gratitude no matter what.”

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