Demi Lovato Sings About Relapsing in New Song ‘Sober’

The emotional ballad features the Disney alum apologizing to her loved ones for giving in to the temptation to drink alcohol.

Demi Lovato has stunned fans by apparently confessing to suffering a relapse in her sobriety battle on her new single.

The “Confident” star, who previously overcame a cocaine addiction, surprised social media followers by announcing the release of “Sober” on Thursday, June 21, but listeners were left shocked after hearing the candid lyrics, in which she apologises to her loved ones for giving in to the temptation to drink alcohol.

“this ballad is so important for so many people. sobriety is a constant struggle and people feel helpless when they relapse but this is completely normal. i love you so much,” commented one devotee, as another insisted, “You’re not going to lose your real fans, and you didn’t let anyone down. Very proud of you for your honesty. We love you”.

“We appreciate your truth. We love you regardless of everything. We have no idea how hard it was for you, but remember you’re never alone. Stay strong!” added a fellow supporter.

Another tweet read: “demi, you’re one of the strongest people i’ve ever seen. but as you said: you’re only human. it’s okay not be okay sometimes. just know we won’t leave you! love you to death girl!”

The release of “Sober” comes two months after some social media users questioned the pop star’s sobriety after she was snapped holding a glass of amber-coloured liquid, thought to be beer, during a night out with her old Disney pals.

Firing back at the criticism, the “Sorry Not Sorry” musician wrote, “I don’t have to defend anything but it was (energy drink) Red Bull.”

Lovato previously checked into rehab when her substance abuse and body image issues led to a meltdown on tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2010.

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