Did Nicki Minaj Finally Confirm She’s Engaged and Pregnant in New Chance the Rapper Collab?


Mommy Minaj?

Nicki Minaj’s verse on Chance the Rapper’s reggae-tinged song “Zanies and Fools” has fans further speculating that the “Megatron” rapper is engaged and expecting a baby with controversial boyfriend Kenneth “Zoo” Petty.

“He the Clyde to my Bonnie, ’bout to walk down the aisle and be a mommy,” raps Minaj on the track, which dropped Friday. “Ooh, I remember when I cried like, ‘Why me?’ / Now I wouldn’t exchange my life for Armani.”

The 36-year-old also paired those lyrics with a photo of her and Petty posted on Thursday prior to the song’s release. A rep for Minaj did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE.


This isn’t the first time pregnancy rumors have sent the Barbz into a frenzy.

Late last month, she tweeted, “For the record; that was iced tea in that lobsterita glass. No alcohol was consumed in the making of our dinner date.”

“Unless you pregnant it shouldn’t matter if you having a drink. Is there something you wanna tell us ONIKA?” one fan replied.

Also earlier this year, in response to a fan asking if Minaj needed suggestions for baby names, she replied that the couple, who have known each other “since we were very young kids,” had “already chose them babe. Lol but thx.”

During an episode on Queen Radio in February, Minaj joked that she was expecting.

“I’m pregnant,” she said before releasing a loud laugh. “They really gon’ believe me — my manager’s face! He was about to die!”

Though Minaj and Petty only became Instagram official in December, the rapper clarifies when she met her new love interest on the new track.

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“I met my husband when I was 17 out in Queens / If you love it, let it go, now I know what that means / While he was up North for a body / I bodied everybody and got known for my body,” she raps.

TMZ previously reported that Minaj and Petty first dated when she was 16 years old and living in Queens, New York City. The outlet also reported that Minaj has referred to him as “one of her first loves” and is “confident he’s matured” over the years.

Regarding her possible engagement, Minaj confirmed last month that the couple had already acquired a marriage license.

“We did get our marriage license,” Minaj said on her Apple Beats 1 show. “I think I have what I was striving for, just happiness. It was so hard to get to a happy place. Now that I’m there, I don’t want to compromise that for anyone or anything.”

Earlier this year, Minaj also opened up to her Barbz about the number of times she has sex with Petty.

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“Nicki probably getting d— 6x a night and giggles when y’all keep saying 3,” the fan wrote.

The “Chun-Le” rapper replied to the fan, “3-4 on average. 6 is a bit much sis.”

While Minaj is clearly happy with her new relationship, shortly after she went public with her new man, the rapper’s fans slammed her for being with Petty given his questionable past.

Petty is a level two registered sex offender in New York, meaning he’s considered at “moderate risk of repeat offense” and will be required to register as a sex offender for life.

According to New York Division of Criminal Justice Services records, Petty was convicted in April 1995 of attempted rape in the first degree for a September 1994 incident involving a 16 year old. He was sentenced to 18 to 54 months in prison, but it is unclear how much time he actually served.

Addressing her boyfriend’s past, Minaj responded to a fan in the comments section of one of her Instagram posts, writing, “He was 15, she was 16 … in a relationship. But go awf Internet. Y’all can’t run my life. Y’all can’t even run y’all own life. Thank you boo.”

Petty also pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of a man named Lamont Robinson in 2002, according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Blast.

According to the outlet, Petty plead guilty to the manslaughter charge in March 2006 and served seven years in prison after being sentenced to 10. Petty was released in May 2013, and had been on supervised release until May 2019, records accessed by PEOPLE show.

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