Dolly Parton Is Staying out of the Politics of the Pandemic but Thinks It Wouldn't 'Kill Anybody to Wear Their Mask'

Dolly Parton is the legendary country artist behind “9 to 5,” “Jolene,” and “I Will Also Love You.” Additionally, Parton helped fund the research that led to the Moderna coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. 

Here’s what the Grammy Award-winning musician said about Americans against wearing a mask. 

Dolly Parton helped fund the Moderna vaccine for coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Queen of Country music is known for her philanthropy, often advocating for and donating to nonprofit organizations. During an interview with MIC, Parton said that she’s “not one to get in the middle of controversy.” 

However, there were some exceptions regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Parton’s contributions to coronavirus-related research was used to partially fund the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

This vaccine was one of the three significant vaccines administered in the United States, along with Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen single-dose primary vaccine. Of course, Parton herself was vaccinated, with the artist advocating for fans to get protected against the virus.

Dolly Parton had a message for those ‘who still don’t believe in the vaccine’

Millions of Americans have been vaccinated since the FDA approval of the Moderna vaccine. However, some residents are still reluctant to get their COVID-19 vaccine, citing a multitude of reasons. Parton was sure to notice the trepidation. 

“When I first donated my money to help with it, and I got my shot, I thought everybody was waiting in line to get their shot, Parton said during the same interview. “I didn’t realize there were people not wanting to do it whether for religious reasons, health reasons, personal reasons whatever it be. 

“I’m not one to tell people what to do,” she added. “But I was just happy to be part of that, and I think we all certainly need to do our part in being careful.”

Dolly Parton said that it wouldn’t ‘kill anybody to wear their mask’

Aside from getting vaccinated, Parton also advocates for Americans to wear their mask. The reason, she shared during the same interview, was for people to protect themselves and to be mindful of others. 

“Whether you get the shot or not, you need to be mindful,” Parton continued. “And I don’t think it’d kill anybody to wear their mask and to do their social distancing, especially now that we have new variants of the pandemic going around.” 

“So I really think people should just be very cautious, and careful, and mindful, and like I said, I’m not one to bother around in people’s lives, I just try to do my part the best I can,” she continued. 

Although she often “stays away from controversy,” Parton sometimes advocates for non-profit organizations and raises awareness about social and political issues. She even commented on the pay gap and women’s rights with her song “9 to 5.” 

The artist also started Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which provides free books to children from birth to age 5.

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