Donald Glover Calls His Last Tour as Childish Gambino ‘Church’

During his New York show, the rapper and actor tells concertgoers to put down their mobile phone when he reveals it is his last show under the moniker.

Donald Glover‘s latest tour will be his “last ever” as rapper Childish Gambino.

The critically-acclaimed actor kicked off his “This Is America” shows earlier this month under his musical moniker, but disappointed fans during a Madison Square Garden show in New York on Friday, September 14, when he revealed it was his last tour as Gambino.

Demanding the gig-goers put down their mobile phones and live in the moment, he said, “If you bought a ticket to this concert, that means you bought a ticket to the last Childish Gambino tour ever. You don’t need to record this s**t. This is that moment. This is not a concert. This is church.”

He described his musical journey as his “dream come true”, and said the New York venue was a special place to him.

“I used to come to this place to see some of my favourite rap acts when I was going to NYU (New York University). A lot of ’em didn’t get to play stadiums this big. Y’all don’t remember these times, but rap, it was like a small thing for a long time.

“Even when I was a kid people were like, ‘Yeah, that’s what kids do..’. Be yourself, cause dreams come true,” Glover added.

The set list on Friday featured material from Gambino’s first two albums, “Because the Internet” and “Awaken, My Love!”, and included hits like “Algorythm”, “Feels Like Summer”, “Late Night in Kauai”, “Stand Tall”, “Boogieman” and the Grammy winner’s number one hit “This is America”.

The tour began in Atlanta, Georgia, and will conclude in Nashville, Tennessee, on 12 October.

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