Dua Lipa’s lavish London home – exposed brick, huge garden and marble bathroom

Dua Lipa is undoubtedly one of the most stylish singers in the UK – she's effortlessly cool and totally trendy, and her London pad lives up to all of that and more.

Super private about her personal life and home, the 26-year-old music star has previously shared a few glimpses of her pad on social media before – showing off the stunning features that it boasts.

From exposed brick walls to marble worktops, and a garden filled with wildflowers to a state of the art kitchen, and huge sprawling bathroom – we love everything about the singer's glamorous home, so we thought that you might enjoy a little nosey around too.

The grand entrance

Opening with a wrought-iron gate and surrounded by overgrown hedges, the entrance to Dua Lipa's London pad is quintessential of the city in which she resides.

A classic paved pathway leads to her porch which boasts stunning black and white mosaic tiles – an envied feature in England.

The house has brick exterior, with the inside of the porch featuring white walls with shiny green brick-style tiles edging the bottom of the floor.

Exposed brick wall living room

You might recognise parts of Dua Lipa's living room, because there is one particular feature she seems rather fond of.

The stunning exposed brick wall in the spacious living room often pops up when the singer livestreams or pops up in a Zoom or video call.

The living room also boasts of a slanted skylight roof, which adds flair to the room – making it light, bright and airy.

She has a comfy grey sofa, which is often covered with a patterned quilt and sits facing a massive flat screen television.

Another aspect of the room that lets in bucket-loads of light is the glass sliding door that takes up an entire wall.

Through the glass doors, a small and secluded garden can be seen, which adds a sense of bringing the outdoors in, to the star's pad.

With white walls and wooden flooring, exposed brick walls and her garden being displayed inside – Dua's living room is super cosy and perfect all year round, no matter the season.

State of the art kitchen

Adjoined to the living room, Dua's kitchen is just as trendy as the rest of her home.

With a blue theme running subtley throughout, the star's kitchen is stylish and functional.

A huge marble work-surface edges the room, while navy blue cupboards line the walls.

She often cooks up a storm in this functional kitchen, and sometimes give fans a glimpse at her meal prep.

Dua has a baby blue Smeg kettle that sits on her countertop next to bottles of wine, while elsewhere in her kitchen she has posters that give advise and information about fruit and vegetables, jars full of spices and plants sitting on shelves.

It's a stunning room that really oozes personality and shows that the star is a keen cook.

Marble accented bathroom

Dua has a huge bathroom from what can be seen on her Instagram page.

With black and marble accents, the entire room glimmers and shines thanks to the ultra buffed up surfaces that don't have so much as a fingerprint.

In a snap posted to her Instagram page previously, the megastar can be seen sitting in her extra-large bath, surrounded by bubbles and foam, donning a headscarf and gazing into the camera.

The bath appears to be made from a white and beige marble – an extremely luxurious feature, that many could only dream of.

In the background a large shower head and huge mirror can be spotted.

Another snap she posted saw the star pose in the mirror donning a face mask as she snapped up a storm.

Fashion-packed wardrobe

Every fashionista needs a wardrobe brimming with on-trend pieces, and global hitmaker Dua Lipa is no different.

Snapping a selfie inside her wardrobe once, the star showed off her organised space that has matching hangers and an array of clothes rails packed with garments.

With the walls painted in a blue-grey colour, the door frames were pristine and white, while the flooring boasted of being a plush cream carpet.

Packed full of outfits and accessories, Dua's wardrobe would be a haven for any fashion-lover.

Private garden filled with wildflowers

Not only does the singer have a stunning home filled with colour, flair and personality, but she has a garden to spend downtime in too.

With just as much personality, Dua has been known to snap photos of herself soaking up the British sunshine in her secluded garden.

Posing for snaps donning a tiny string bikini, it's clear that the singer loves her outdoor space in the summer months.

With outdoor lights on the walls, the singer's garden makes the perfect space to spend time with guests, loved-ones, pals, or maybe even just with her own company.

Dotted with wildflowers and a shed, it's both pretty and functional.

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