Emma Stone clarifies that she is not, in fact, Harry Potter's Emma Watson

Emma Stone has made it perfectly clear that she is not Harry Potter’s Emma Watson.

It may be incredibly confusing, what with them both having the same first name, but they’re most definitely different people, with their own bodies and personalities and everything.

The Oscar-winning actress had to explain as such to at least one member of the general public while appearing in an episode of Billy on the Street, the exhaustingly fun YouTube show in which Billy Eichner drags a usually reluctant celebrity around the streets of New York and thrusts a microphone in random people’s faces.

Billy asked one individual, who seemingly knew exactly who Stone is, what his favourite film of hers is, only for him to reply: “Harry Potter”.

In a simultaneously outrageous and hilarious turn of events, the random member of the public mistook Stone for Hermione Granger herself, Emma Watson. Or, what’s more likely is that he didn’t know who Stone was in the first place.

Undoubtedly knocked by the exchange, Stone then had to meet several other people on the street while trying not to look too horrified.

Most of them were shocked to discover that the actress isn’t even on Instagram, but after hearing some of their reasons for why she should join it, it’s probably safe to say we won’t be seeing her on there any time soon.

However, one place we will be seeing Stone is starring alongside Jonah Hill in Netflix’s Maniac, which will be available to stream on September 21.

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