Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Top 5 Power Ballads That Won’t Send You To Sleep

Get ready for power dresses, wind machines, and key changes

For fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, the power ballads are the songs best used for toilet breaks, naps, and snack times. However, for others, the power ballads are the best part thanks to the wind machines, musical crescendos, and key changes. If you aren’t a fan of the power ballad, though, here’s a list of five songs from Eurovision 2018 that just might change your mind.

As per usual, France’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest is sung in the native tongue. However, there is no need to understand the language in order to understand the fact that this is a great song. A little more upbeat in tempo than your classic power ballad, “Mercy” is sung by the French duo known as Madame Monsieur. Written and produced by Emilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas, the song is based on a true story of a girl called Mercy who was born on a Nigerian refugee boat during the European migrant crisis, as reported by the Independent.

Once again, this more upbeat power ballad so it won’t have you settling down for a snooze between dance anthems. Written and performed by Latvian-Brazilian singer Laura Rizzotto, “Funny Girl” still has enough of the power ballad traits to keep even the die hard power ballad fan happy.

If you are expecting a classic power ballad with this Eurovision song, guess again. However, this song has made the list because it is a beautiful song about endearing love. And, when it ends with the line, “I’m not afraid to grow old if I have your hand to hold,” there will likely be a few tears among the audience.

Portugal is the host country for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Their song, “O Jardim,” is a wonderful ballad sung by Claudia Pascoal and backed up by Isaura, who also wrote and produced it. Once again, this isn’t your classic power ballad but it is a beautiful song none-the-less, with Daily Mail describing it as “electropop-tinged indie ballad, gorgeously intimate and contemporary too.”

If you have been waiting for an absolute classic power ballad on this list, consider this the one. The video clip for “La Forza” shows a showstopping gown that, literally, goes on forever. Standing still in the middle of the stage, decked out in body glitter, Elina belts out this ballad majestically. But, that’s not all because by the chorus, Eurovision fans are greeted with magnificent operatic notes. “La Forza” was written by Ksenia Kuchukova, Elina Nechayeva, Mihkel Mattisen, and Timo Vendt.

The first semi-final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has already aired. The second semi-final will be broadcast on Thursday, May 10, at 7 p.m. The grand final will then air on Saturday, May 12, 2018, starting at 7 p.m. All times are in WEST (Western European Summer Time) or UTC/GMT + 1.

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