Fans Go Wild Over BTS’ New Album ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ Announcement

AceShowbiz -BTS (Bangtan Boys) has successfully caused fans frenzy when they announced that they would be unveiling a new album more than six months after the release of their latest album “Love Yourself: Answer”. Titled “Map of the Soul: Persona”, the upcoming effort is scheduled to hit the stores on Friday, April 12 local time.

Even though fans of the South Korean group have already known that the group would be making their comeback soon, they were still freaking out after learning the news. “HELLO BIGHIT MY NAME IS BROKE NICE TO MEET YOU,” an excited fan quipped. “How did I wake up to ‘map of the soul: persona’ being announced I am: scared,” another one said.

One other shared a picture which read, “And in that moment the whole fandom lost their s**t,” while an individual confessed, “We say we are ready but… nah, my brain exploded already,” along with a video of Suga looking shocked.

There were also others who started coming up with theories, including the possibility that the album would have seven versions. “Someone said #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL will have seven versions. One each for the members. There goes all my f***ing money even though I don’t have any,” one fan said, as some others suspected that BTS had been hinting at the album while promoting “DNA”. This is because Jin was spotted wearing a shirt with the word “Persona” on it.

Details regarding the concept have yet to be confirmed as of now. The new album will be available for pre-order starting from Wednesday, March 13.

Following the release of “Map of the Soul: Persona”, BTS will be embarking on a world tour called “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself”. Kicking off on May 4, the trek will include several stadium shows in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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