Freddie Mercury’s haunting final photo before tragic death

Queen legend Freddie Mercury tragically died after battling Aids.

The star was just 45 when he sadly passed away and kept his illness a secret until 24 hours before he died on November 24 1991.

He released a statement revealing he was HIV+ just a day before he died from the illness.

His final days remain a mystery, nearly three decades later.

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Speculation of his deteriorating health was sparked after Queen had to halt their 1987 Magic Tour before it ended.

Freddie gradually became more private in his final few years, preferring to say in Garden Lodge home in west London's Kensington than rub shoulders with other celebrities at showbiz parties.

The legendary singer's health continued to worsen in private, and on September 3 1991, he was spotted outside his house looking incredibly thin in his final picture.

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Freddie, real name Farrokh Bulsara was seen making his way along a pavement wearing a black printed shirt with oversized sleeves.

He appeared frail but seemed in good spirits.

Freddie's Queen co-star Brian May told the Telegraph in 2013: "Freddie wanted his life to be as normal as possible.

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"He obviously was in a lot of pain and discomfort.

"He was pursued by the press and curious people.

"He just wanted peace and quiet, to be able to get on with what he did."

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