Game Of Thrones Season Opener Broke Viewing Records In The US & UK

More people tuned in to this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones than any other episode in the show’s history.

After a 20 month wait which has felt more like 20 years, the first episode of Game Of Thrones‘ eighth season finally dropped this past Sunday. That means we are already a sixth of the way through the show’s final season and we only have five more GoT Sundays left. Ever! How about we focus on the positive rather than the negative, though.

For starters, the creators behind GoT continue to prove that they can cram an incredible amount into 60 minutes of television. So much happened during the season premiere that we are still struggling to deal with it three days later. Jon Snow knows he’s a Targaryen, Sam Tarley discovered his brother and father were killed by dragons, and Cersei Lannister finally gave in to Euron Greyjoy’s advances.

When it comes to movies and TV shows, it can sometimes feel like you’re the only one watching. That is not the case with GoT. Time has reported that the season eight debut was a record breaker in terms of viewership for HBO. An incredible 17.4 million people tuned in to see what’s next for the Seven Kingdoms. That’s an increase of 500,000 on the number of viewers who were glued to the screen during the season seven finale.

It wasn’t only GoT fans in the US that were enthralled by the season debut. Radio Times reported that Sky also had a record number of viewers for the show. Due to time difference, UK viewing figures of GoT are recorded a little differently. While new episodes are shown at the same time as the US (so at 2 am in the UK) the number of people who view it between then and the next showing at 9 pm on Monday are recorded.

Although less than 200,000 viewers were dedicated enough to watch the 2 am showing, by the time it had finished airing again on Monday it had been watched by 3.39 million people. Shockingly, there are still people out there who are yet to watch the episode. Crazy, right? Projections estimate that the running total will top more than five million by the end of the week, another record.

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