Gavin DeGraw Wipes Out on Ice After Singing the National Anthem Before Stanley Cup Playoff Game

Gavin DeGraw may have seen some stars after singing The Star Spangled Banner on Saturday.

On Saturday, the singer/songwriter was performing the national anthem for Game 5 of the Stanely Cup tournament, between Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators. Upon finishing his performance, DeGraw took a step back in exhalation and threw his hands up in the air, but missed the carpeted area set up for him.

Instead, he stepped back onto the ice, slipped and slammed his face on the icy ground.

“I didn’t realize singing the national anthem was a full-contact sport,” DeGraw joked on Instagram, posting a video clip of his fall.

“Amazing. I’m so happy… that you’re ok. Love you bro,” country star Brett Young wrote in the comments section.

“Legend,” actor Taylor Lautner wrote along with a face with tears of joy emoji.

“I’ve watched this 10 times,” country singer Carly Pearce joked.

The crowd was cheering and singing along to DeGraw’s rendition — shouting the word “stars” after the lyric “whose broad stripes and bright stars.” Many fans took to social media to let DeGraw know that despite his fall, they thought his performance of the national anthem was well done.

“You did kill the anthem though,” one Instagram user wrote on his post. “Maybe wear a helmet next time just in case.”

“You killed it! Both the anthem & that fall,” another wrote.

Some fans appreciated DeGraw poking fun at himself, chiming in some hilarious comments about his wipe-out.

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