Gemma Collins strips to sports bra and shorts to flaunts weight transformation

Gemma Collins is on a journey to lose the weight through positivity and healthy habits.

On Thursday morning, Gemma Collins greeted her fans in cycling shorts and a crop top to show off her weight loss, sending her fans wild as she flaunted her shrinking frame.

After losing an impressive three stone, the star told her fans that she was feeling positive about her body.

“I'm not 100 per cent there yet, but I'm getting there.” Gemma said to the camera.

Stood in her garden with a set of battle ropes Gemma put out a personal thank you to Joe Wicks for his supportive words.

Joe had said to Metro: 'It's about inspiring and people have different journeys. It's not always about fat loss and weight loss, some people have a positive message around mental health and how they feel.

'I don't know Gemma Collins personally… but good luck to anyone trying to inspire the people.'

Gemma had previously advocated for the weight loss injection Skinny Jab, a controversial method for trying to attain a lower weight.

Gemma recently spoke on the GC podcast about her advocacy for the Skinny Jab and her regrets in doing so.

She said: “I kind of regret doing it but I feel like sometimes you're in such a desperate place and you want to lose weight but actually I've come away from all the diet promotion because I wish we could get rid of that word diet.

'It is so important that we keep getting that message home to people, that beauty is more than just these pumped-up faces, it's not all about that.

'It's me Gemma, my new name is fitness queen. Since turning 40 I've become so much more aware of my health and I'm kind of regretting maybe not taking my health as seriously as I should have done.”

The focus on mental health and positivity is a great image for the star.

A common point of criticism towards social media influences is the idea of ‘Instagram/reality’ where influencers will edit an image of themselves to appear in a way that is unattainable.

With Gemma’s focus on always being true to herself and putting her best foot forward it sends a good message to her fans that we can attain much more happiness with ourselves in we focus on the best possible version of ourselves as the goal.

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