Glam Pop Artist Jake Wesley Rogers Honors Queer Heroes on Twitch

Glam pop artist Jake Wesley Rogers joined Rolling Stone on Twitch to discuss his new EP Pluto.

Released last year and written over the course of four, Pluto consists of piano ballads and theatrical choruses to help peel back the layers of Rogers’ journey — from his experiences with love and loss to exploring his queer identity.

He also leaves room to honor those who came before him: take the closer “Momentary,” a love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community and activists who fought and died for their rights.

“That song was really important for me to write,” he says. “It’s acknowledging people who have paved the way, it’s acknowledging what love means to me in my life, and how thus far it’s been a bit chaotic. I’m figuring it out — and how those things are all connected.”

Rogers performed several Pluto tracks live in the RS studio. Watch the full performance below.

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