Gwen Stefani accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ with her latest music video

Singer Gwen Stefani has been accused of "cultural appropriation" again with her latest music video appearance.

The No Doubt vocalist, 52, has prompted a backlash due to her sporting dreadlocks in the music video for her new single, Light My Fire.

Gwen's new single is a collaboration with Jamaican rapper Sean Paul and singer Shenseea, and sees The Voice judge wearing her hair in dreadlocks and a dress made up of the colours of the Jamaican flag. After the video appeared on YouTube earlier this week, social media users slammed California-born Gwen for her styling choices.

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One Twitter commentator said: "I see gwen stefani back to her cultural appropriation roots," with another adding: "in 2022 now… that cultural appropriation ain’t gone fly like it did back in the day."

Another of the many criticisms read: "Gwen Stefani said screw your discourse, I’m gonna appropriate like it’s 2004."

Gwen has previously accused of been accused of 'appropriating' black, Asian, and African cultures – particularly during the 2000s when she included Japanese culture in her music and business ventures.

Cultural appropriation is a term used by online activists to describe the inappropriate or unacknowledged adoption of an element or elements of another culture.

Gwen told Paper magazine last year: "I had this idea that I would have a posse of girls – because I never got to hang with girls – and they would be Japanese, Harajuku girls, because those are the girls that I love. Those are my homies. That’s where I would be if I had my dream come true, I could go live there and I could go hang out in Harajuku."

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She added: "If we didn’t buy and sell and trade our cultures in, we wouldn’t have so much beauty, you know? We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other. And all these rules are just dividing us more and more."

Some of the Just a Girl singer's fans defended her online. One tweet said: "Gwen Stefani is out here ageing like fine wine and bored people are getting outraged by fake cultural appropriation? Sean Paul asked her to be in the song ffs."

Another declared: "Gwen Stefani is back to cultural appropriating… oh this album is gonna EAT," with one adding: "The wokes are trying to cancel Gwen Stefani for having dreadlocks in her new video. Newsflash: cultural appropriation doesn’t actually exist."


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