Halsey Boobs Exposed Wardrobe Malfunction, Concert Nip Slip

If you’ve ever seen Halsey perform live, you know she goes hard during concerts. And sometimes, running around the stage can cause some unfortunate mishaps, including falls and, yes, wardrobe malfunctions. The 23-year-old hasn’t taken a tumble while performing yet (knock on wood!!!), but she definitely isn’t a stranger (no pun intended) to a good ol’ fashion mishap.

The “Bad at Love” crooner kicked off the summer leg of the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour in East, Providence, Rhode Island, when she had two unlucky events happen. First, a fan somehow managed to break Halsey’s nail as she reached to grab her hand from the audience.

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Then, her on-stage ensemble proved to still have some kinks, as her boobs legit fell out her top as she was performing.


Halsey apologized to the audience members who were given a bit more than they were bargained for, but also made a joke of the whole situation.

“Sorry my boobs came out of my shirt tonight I’m gonna fix it,” she tweeted after the show. “But also ur welcome I guess u got ur money’s worth lmao.”

And THAT’S how you handle a wardrobe malfunction, fam!

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