Halsey Breaks Down on Stage After G-Eazy Split and Fans Can’t Handle It

The singer couldn’t get through the chorus of the song “Sorry,” which features the lines “Someone will love you / But someone isn’t me.”

G-Eazy may have looked fine performing "Him & I," his collaboration with ex-girlfriend Halsey, at the GMA Summer Concert Series on Friday morning, but Halsey was not doing nearly so well in concert over the weekend.

After stripping nearly all mention of him from her social media presence, the performer got emotional and broke down during a performance of the song "Sorry," which was captured by several of her fans and shared to social media. It was during the chorus of the song that the seated Halsey’s voice cracked, and she stopped singing for a moment.

"Someone will love you" is repeated several times in the chorus, followed by, "But someone isn’t me." It seemed pretty evident that the message of those lyrics just got to be too much for her as she took a few beats to collect herself.

As the concert-goers filled in the words for her and cheered her on, the concert’s cameras caught tears welling in Halsey’s eyes up on the big screen behind her. But, like a true professional, she only needed a few seconds to collect herself and she was back on her feet, powering through those lyrics and giving her screaming fans what they paid for.

Last week, Halsey announced her split from the "No Limit" rapper on her Instagram Story, writing, "I feel the need to inform my fans [that] G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart." Shortly after, she posted a photo of herself with her dog, captioning it, "Kiss my dog on the forehead and then kiss your ass goodbye."

She also tweeted, "Pumpkin eater," which many fans assumed was a reference to the rhyme, "Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater." Add to that G-Eazy coolly performing with Halsey’s backing track in his ears while Halsey was getting emotional on stage, and her fans quickly rallied to their girl’s corner.

Check out video of the moment below, along with some of her fans’ most passionate responses to her tears

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