‘Hannah Montana Collection’ Goes to Auction for Show’s Thirteenth Anniversary

With classic rock rapidly fading from the pop charts, the rock & roll memorabilia industrial complex is in critical danger. Luckily, the Disney Channel is here to help. Julien’s Auctions, a private auction house in Culver City, California known for its record-breaking memorabilia auctions, has announced that Music Icons: The Hannah Montana Collection will headline its upcoming “rock and roll auction event of the year.”

The auction will commemorate the thirteenth (spooky!) anniversary of Hannah Montana‘s television premiere, and will include “costumes, props, concert tour ephemera, memorabilia and more used from the 2006-2008 seasons.” According to a press release, the collection comes from Jason Gluck, an apparent super-stan who ran the MileyWorld fan club while the show was on the air. Shouts to Justin for auctioning off what may be the Crown Jewels of children’s musical television programming (rock & roll subgenre).

Let’s take a look at some of these items, shall we?

Courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

Here we have an outfit from Miley Cyrus’ debut “Best of Both Worlds” tour: a customized black satin jacket monogrammed “Miley” in the front and “M” on the back, a shocking pink tank top, pleated skirt and rose/white striped knee high socks. The whole ensemble is estimated at $3,000-$5,000. Personally, no thanks! But I’m really digging the simultaneous T-Bird and Pink Lady aesthetic with this one.

There is also, separately, a customized pair of high top “Best of Both Worlds” Converse sneakers, estimated at $2,000-$4,000. They look nearly identical to a doodled-up pair I wore in middle school, which I guess is the point! The tour items will also include “a large globe shaped inflatable that reads ‘Miley’” (estimate: $300-$500). Next we have costumes and ensembles from the set of Hannah Montana (individually estimated between $400-$1,200).


Courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

This garment, estimated at $300-$500 and featuring a nice big “Let’s Rock and Roll” emblazoned on it with shutter-shades stripes, is referred to as a “coral tank top” in the press release. I think it would also work as a small dress? Cyrus wore it backstage at Miley Cyrus Live at MGM Grand Las Vegas in 2007, but this was still Brunette Miley, so she wore it as a shirt and not a dress. Here’s a photo of her in the tank top standing next to John Mayer, which…hmm…might be the most 2007-2009 photograph I’ve ever seen..

Courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

And here we have an almost Murakami-esque black and white floral print boot signed in silver marker “These boots are made for Rockin’ xoxo Miley,” also estimated at $300-$500. And it’s just the one boot?? I know these clothes aren’t exactly meant to be worn anymore, but what are you doing to do with one boot??

Other items included in the auction are:

  • an army green floral print top with dolman sleeves
  • a pair of pale yellow jeans worn on season 2
  • a pair of mint green Cleo stretch jeans
  • a floral print crepon top with deep red halter strap
  • what was referred to as the “The Ultimate Miley Party” varsity black jacket, even though it clearly says “Miley World” on the front
  • a Love on a Hangar shocking pink terry cloth mini dress
  • a black bustier embellished with painted flowers and faceted glass
  • a turquoise sweatshirt with floral embroidery
  • a signed in marker “Miley Cyrus” American Apparel grey zip front jacket with H2M applied to the front and Crew 2007 in the back
  • a Stratocaster style electric guitar with three single coil pickups and colorful Six Flags logo (estimate: $500-$700)
  • various personal handwritten notes including one written by Cyrus on the subject of acquiring a driver’s license (estimate: $400-$600)
  • jewelry
  • backstage passes
  • T-shirts
  • and more

The collection will be exhibited at the Hard Rock Café New York from May 13th-17th. The actual auction will take place on May 18th, if you wish to try your luck. Who knows, maybe Billy Ray will use his “Old Town Road” money and buy it all back.

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