Hayes Carll Dreams Up an Alternate Reality in New Song 'She'll Come Back to Me'

“I don’t worship the ground you walk on,” George Strait sang in “Ocean Front Property,” rattling off a list of obvious lies to tell himself he wasn’t hurting. Fellow Texan Hayes Carll takes the idea even farther in his new song “She’ll Come Back to Me,” imagining an alternate reality where he doesn’t end up alone. The song appears on Carll’s upcoming album You Get It All, out October 29th.

Over a thumping kick drum and an eerie minor-key blues riff, Hayes wastes no time in getting getting to his fiction. “It rains all day in the desert, and Elvis is alive/A circle’s got four corners and 2 plus 2 is five,” he sings right off the top, embracing the absurdity of it all.

When the beat kicks in and chorus hits, it’s like reality stabs through his illusion. “I heard her say I do/but just because one says a thing, that don’t make it true/I’m sitting here by my lonesome, sad as I can be, praying she’ll be back to me,” Carll admits. If the brooding, tense arrangement is any indication, things may not work out the way he hopes.

“Aaron Raitiere and I wrote down as many untruths as we could muster, then tried to tap into that high lonesome, primal mountain holler,” Carll tweeted on Wednesday.

You Get It All, Carll’s eighth studio album, also includes the ballad title track co-written with Craig Wiseman. Additional collaborators on the album include Brothers Osborne, Brandy Clark, and Carll’s wife Allison Moorer.

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