Hospitalized Girl That Drake Visited Receives Heart Transplant

Sofia Sanchez, the 11-year-old girl who Drake visited last week at Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital, received a heart transplant on Monday, the Associated Press reports. The rapper visited Sanchez after she appeared in a video dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

Surgeons operated on Sanchez for nine hours. Cardiovascular surgeon Carl Backer told AP that the surgery went well, though the first 48 hours following the procedure are critical. Sanchez had previously undergone open heart surgery.

In a Facebook video posted on Sunday, Sanchez discussed her birthday wishes, “To meet Drake, and that one did happen, and it was great. And my other wish is to get a heart, which is gonna happen soon,” she said.

“I’m getting a heart, mom!” Sanchez added excitedly after being told she would receive the new organ.

Sanchez’s “In My Feelings” clip was part of the #KikiChallenge viral meme, where fans perform a dance mimicking the Scorpion cut’s lyrics. Sanchez took on the #KiKiChallenge in a hospital hallway, jumping out of her wheelchair and dancing down the hallway while still attached to her IV. Drake visited her on August 20th, which was also Sanchez’s 11th birthday.

Drake released Scorpion in June. The rapper is in the midst of an extensive North American tour with Migos that wraps November 17th in Atlanta, Georgia.

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