Hugh Jackman Performs ‘Greatest Showman’ Songs During Impromptu Show at Restaurant

The 49-year-old actor reportedly sings ‘This is Me’ and ‘From Now On’ with his co-star Keala Settle while dining out at Tao restaurant in Los Angeles.

Hugh Jackman knew how to entertain people at Tao restaurants in Los Angeles. Hugh came to the Asian restaurant on July 4 to dine with his co-star in musical drama “The Greatest Showman“, Keala Settle, and Australian TV personality Gus Worland. They were eating before the songs from Hugh and Keala’s musical film came on and they sang along to the tunes.

“Two songs from the film about P.T. Barnum came on,” a witness said. Hugh reportedly sang two songs from the Golden Globe Award-winning movie. “Jackman and his table sang along with the tunes, ‘This Is Me’ and ‘From Now On’,” the witness revealed.

Singing a song is nothing new to the Wolverine depicter as he had performed songs from “Les Miserables” on his national tour in Australia in 2015. In addition to his little performance at Tao restaurant, Hugh serenaded fellow “Les Miserables” star Amanda Seyfried on her birthday back in 2012.

The moment happened during “Les Miserables” premiere in New York. Before serenading the “Mean Girls” actress, the Australian actor grabbed a microphone. “Tonight is a special night, and I am going to sing one song,” he told the crowd. “And this is a song I am not going to sing alone, because it is the birthday of Amanda Seyfried.”

Accompanied by a pianist, Hugh then proceeded to sing “Happy Birthday” as Amanda sat on her chair. As if a serenade was not enough, Hugh gave his on-screen daughter a little lap dance before telling her to stand on the chair. The actor finished singing the rest of the song along with other guests as a waiter came out bringing a birthday cake. Amanda and Hugh even briefly kissed before she blew out the candles on the cake.

The premiere was also attended by other cast members of “Les Miserables” including Eddie Redmayne, Russell Crowe, Sacha Baron Cohen and Anne Hathaway.

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