Iain Stirling’s opens up on his romantic gesture to Laura Whitmore ever

Love Island’s Iain Stirling says the most romantic thing he’s done for girlfriend Laura Whitmore is tidying up the house after coming in drunk.

The Scottish comic, 32, reckons giving his pad a spring clean while he was sozzled melted the presenter’s heart.

He said: “Last night was pretty sexy. I got in after a few drinks and drunkenly tidied the house.

“I’ve never had my partner look at me with such desire in my entire life. It was when I was mopping up after a few tequilas and beers with my headphones in, just cleaning up.

“I had a pinny on and nothing else – I may have made that last bit up. I was absolutely off my face, but I still managed it.”

Iain, who does voice-overs for Love Island, also claimed he was getting more lovey-dovey as he grows older.

He said: “I’m getting better. I like the idea of being romantic because I think the older you get, things like giving presents and being romantic feels nice.

“As you begin to get older you start to appreciate making other people feel good.”

His worst on-stage experience was when he made a child cry after a sweary outburst. He admitted: “I was recording a show for CBBC.

"I was talking to an eight-year-old boy and told him he had a “f***ing great name” – it was something like Farquar, something really middle class, and I swore.

“At one point a six-year-old girl cried, ‘Mummy, can we go?’”

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