Jade Goody’s son Bobby celebrates 18th birthday with surprise from Jeff Brazier

Jade Goody's eldest son Bobby Brazier celebrated turning 18 with an cute surprise from his father Jeff Brazier

The model was seen beaming away as his dad transformed their family home with an array of decorations.

In a cute video posted on the Instagram story of Jeff's wife Kate's page, the kitchen and living room could be seen covered in helium balloons and photos from his childhood.

The printed out shots were spread out on display, documenting his life so far.

Zooming in on a giant "18" ballon, Kate captioned the shot: "As if he's 18."

A second post read: "Happy Birthday Bobby B.

"And just like that he's 18. I can't work out how it happened but I'm sure glad it did."

Kate went on to praise Bobby's worth ethic – explaining how he had decided to work on his birthday.

She added: "Choosing to work on his birthday is an indication of what is to come – only great things."

Speaking to Daily Star earlier this year, Jeff told of his pride at watching Bobby grow up.

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Bobby is keen to make a success of his modelling career which was just taking off before the pandemic hit.

Jeff, 41, said: "It's an understatement to say lockdown is an inconvenience, but things were really starting to fall into place for Bobby.

"We all have our fingers crossed that as soon as lockdown ends and industries are able to start opening up again that he will be able to hit the ground running.

"He's certainly done a lot of work on his own self-development both physically and mentally during lockdown.

"I've been really proud of him actually. He's been doing a lot of lovely things for himself.

"He is invested in himself and hopefully that will pay off for him."

Despite concerns about the industry both he and Jade built careers in, Jeff says he's made sure to install a strong work ethic into both his sons and not let them coast due to who their parents are.

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Jeff continued: "I think he was really happy with modelling before the lockdown.

"We have had this conversation on countless occasions within our house, that it is important to have a skill and something that you are actually being spoken of instead of who your mum and dad are.

"That is really important to him and I have been hitting him with that one from a very youg age."

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