Jesy Nelson in fiery rant at Instagram for altering her nose and lips in filters

Jesy Nelson has slammed face-altering camera filters in a video deconstructing society's impossible beauty standards.

Jesy spoke to her loyal fanbase in an Instagram video and, while admitting she enjoys playing around with some of the filters, feels uncomfortable that some on the platform completely change her natural appearance, giving her huge lips and a tiny nose.

"So, I have been going through my filters on my phone," brunette beauty Jesy explained, "And I won't lie – I love a little Instagram filter that makes you a bit more tanned and makes your skin a little bit fresher.

"But every filter that I've been on, makes my nose tiny and skinny and makes my lips huge.

"As well as that, they make your eyes a different colour, or really big."

She added: "Does every filter change your nose? I really don't understand this, because, for me, your nose is the most prominent point of your face.

"I feel like noses are literally what makes you, you. And I don't understand why Instagram feels the need to squash your nose and make it really skinny. Why do the people who make these filters think that that's what beauty is?

"I just think it's bloody weird."

Jesy concluded by urging viewers to embrace their natural looks.

Daily Star Online has contacted Instagram for comment.

She made waves in December with the announcement that she was leaving Little Mix, thanking fans for their nine years of support, and telling them she was prioritising her mental health.

Jesy also thanked "most of all" bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall "for creating some of the most amazing memories I'll never forget."

Little Mix will now continue as a three-piece band, and are hoping to be able to tour the UK in May.

Meanwhile, Jesy is rumoured to have shacked up with Sean Sagar amid speculation that they'd split.

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