Jimmy Carr admits he was ‘very stressed’ about sex and lost his virginity at 26

Jimmy Carr has opened up on his life before becoming a stand-up comedian and TV favourite.

The 49-year-old joked about being like an "an incel elder" before he lost his virginity at 26.

He went on to admit that he had become "a bit stressed" about the fact that he had never had sex and would "friend-zone" women if they came onto him.

Speaking to The Guardian’s G2 in promotion of his new book Before & Laughter; A Life-Changing Book, he said: "Is this making me sound like an incel elder?

"I did have opportunities but I was bad at reading the signs and I would friend-zone people.

"A lot of girls I was very, very close to growing up, we had incredibly intimate relationships, but we didn't have a physical relationship and it was lovely."

Despite, not feeling any concern about losing his virginity it helped Jimmy get into a career in comedy.

He went on to admit he had battles with booze and would "drink for the wrong reason" and had bouts of depression which were like a "black void."

However, he admitted in the first 12 years of his stand-up career he didn’t touch a drop of drink.

The 8 out 10 Cats host and Channel 4 star has been in a relationship with partner Karoline Copping since 2001.

They welcomed their first child together, a son, two years ago but only went public with the announcement last month.

The comic is known for his near the knuckle jokes and isn’t one to shy away when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

On Wednesday, Jimmy spoke to BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show about having botox, fillers and a hair transplant.

He confessed: "I've had a proper mid life crisis, proper 'right let's get everything done'.

"They say you can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter! They take the hairs from the back of your head and stick it on the front… so now when I get the sensation of the hairs of the back of my neck standing up, this goes spiky.

"I've done a little bit of Botox and filler, everything I can get done, my face is now like Trigger's broom, very little of the original is still there."

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