Jonathan Davis Of Korn Opens Up About His Deeply Troubling 2018

It’s definitely been an eventful year all-around, but 2018 was especially harsh for Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.

Jonathan Davis of the band Korn recently opened up during an interview about his rough year. The singer has had a troubling 2018, which he recently spoke candidly about.

According to Blabbermouth, Davis spoke about healing from a rocky year by touring for his recent solo album, Black Labyrinth. He appeared on The Jasta Show, a podcast hosted by Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta, and discussed why he would want to tour so much during troubling times. Davis stated that his children were with him on tour and that performing live is part of his healing process and adding that his primary focus is on “raising those boys right.”

Jonathan Davis’ expletive-laden description of the last year appears to be making the musician stronger and more focused on his goals than ever before.

“I like doing what I do. I’ve had a really f*****-up year, so just to be out here [on tour], it’s the way that I cope and it helps me heal. I’ve got my sons out with me, so I’m more focused on raising those boys right. Music has always been my saving grace — it’s always taken me from a really dark place — and by just purging that stuff with music, it helps me get through… It’s all I’ve ever known — since I was little. So, yeah, the show must go on. I wanna go on and do what makes me happy for once.”

Jonathan Davis’ 2018 was indeed troublesome. Earlier this year his estranged wife, Devon Davis, died after a long battle with drug addiction. Jonathan had previously filed for divorce and gotten a restraining order against the former-adult actress due to her reportedly bizarre behavior.

According to TMZ, court documents reported a chaotic breakup between Jonathan and Devon Davis. The singer allegedly came home on more than one occasion to his wife, while under the influence, having let strangers into his home. The documents elaborated that these were often fans of his music whom Devon Davis would let into the master bedroom to try on Jonathan Davis’ clothing.

Further details alleged that Jonathan Davis once brought their sons to her home and found a drug dealer passed out on the couch, heroin in a toilet, and Devon also passed out in another room. His restraining order included a family dog named Chaos, which she was not allowed to have contact with.

Shortly after the death of Devon Davis, Jonathan released a heartfelt statement to the public, via his personal Twitter account.

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