Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey claps back at body shamers with new topless snaps

Jonathan Ross' daughter was taking no prisoners on Instagram and anyone who attempted to destroy her confidence was instantly shot down.

The 24-year-old body positivity activist has worked far too hard on helping others to feel comfortable within their own skin to allow one online critter to rain on her parade.

Honey has been relatively quiet on social media until recently that is when she took to the popular platform posing completely topless while wearing very skimpy bottoms.

The social media influencer also oozed appeal as she sizzled in the sea while lapping up the warm sunshine in a string two piece.

Having a popular platform online often means that stars like Honey come under fire when it comes to keyboard warriors.

TV star Jonathan Ross' daughter wasn't about to take today's comments lying down.

An online user commented: "All good you're loving yourself but can we just call things for what they are and stop sugar coating things? Fat is fat at the end of the day."

Chirping back Honey said: "Never said I wasn't fat," along with a poking tongue out emoji.

The more the red-headed beauty thought about the nasty remark, the more fired up she became.

Taking to her Instagram story, she decided to take further action by exposing the online critter.

She then added: "I am fat, I am happily fat, it's great. I was once very unhappily thin.

"I'm going to continue on my happy healthy wholesome fat journey and if that's distressing to you, please unfollow me."

In another response, Honey reminded the internet troll: "Go outside touch some grass, and remember it's really not that deep mate."

Later she emerged mightier than before with another jaw dropping topless snap as she chuckled away in the sun not giving a care in the world.

Showing off her incredible curves, Honey rocked a flimsy pair of knickers which were pulled-up high onto her hips.

The model included the caption: "Imagine caring that much about a stranger's body, must be exhausting."

Finishing up her virtual takedown, she penned: "I'll mind my business, you mind yours.

"But truly for the love god, enjoy your summer, enjoy your life. Eat bread on holiday and wear a skimpy bikini because life is short and the sun us hot.

"There will always be a weird [culprits name] casting judgement, but men like that think women sour like milk at 28 so f*** em anyway."

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