Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Songs, Leaked/Unreleased Music


Although Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no more, we’re still reminiscing about the great times the two of them had together. Don’t get us wrong — we’re super happy for JB and fiancée Hailey Baldwin, but let’s be honest: Jelena was one of the most iconic pairs in Hollywood.

But besides “The Heart Wants What it Wants” and “Heartbreaker,” there are a handful of other songs that JB and SelGo have written for — and even with — each other! Why haven’t you heard of them? Because a ton were never officially released! We would kill to get our hands on the locked-away duets that the ex-couple recorded together. Can you imagine!? Truly iconic.

So which unreleased tunes did Justin and Selena write about each other? Here’s all the tea on that:

“Can’t Steal Our Love”

While Hailey might have stolen Justin’s love from Selena, this song is still super sweet. “Can’t Steal Our Love” is an unreleased duet (yes, a duet!) between the exes that leaked originally a few years back. Soon, though, producers wiped the Internet clear of the track and we were only left with the lyrics which include, “I’ve built these walls so high that I can’t climb myself / And just when I feel I’ve fallen down / You pick me up right off the ground.”

But of course, leave it to Jelena stans to get their hands on the song and put it out there in 2018! They both sound so young in the track, but it’s still beyond sweet.


We’re throwing it back all the way to 2015 with this one with a leaked track that left Jelena fans shooketh! The song is called”Strong” and is another unreleased duet between Justin and Selena. Talk about a throwback! Take a listen above and fill your hearts with this love that once was — LOL — strong!