Kacey Musgraves and Troye Sivan Release New Duet 'Easy': 'I'm Not Easy Darling'


Country star Kacey Musgraves and Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan have teamed up to release their new song, "Easy."

At midnight Thursday, 6-time Grammy winner Musgraves, 32, and Sivan, 25, dropped the duet along with a video in which the two musicians embark together on a journey through the darker, grittier side of Nashville.

Sivan begins the tune singing, "You ran away to find something to say/ I went astray to make it okay /And he made it easy, darlin’ …"

The song, which also features Mark Ronson, goes on, "Cause he made it easy, easy/ Please don't leave me, leave me / Please don't leave me, no."

The video, which has a vintage '80s vibe also reflective in the song, takes place in the night of Nashville and sees both Musgraves and Sivan in an old motel, followed by glimpses of their nighttime escapades — including a denim-clad hoedown, a neon karaoke bar and a dimly lit bar with a red and green glow.

In the video, Sivan watches the hoedown and dances around the bar in a red, sleeveless hoodie while Musgraves, who shows off a lighter hair color, dances in the dim bar wearing a sparkly mini dress, acting as if she is a stripper.

Before the video's end, the two meet up on the side of a street — Musgraves sporting a white fur coat and heels and Sivan rocking a mullet with neon highlights — before heading back to the motel parking lot where the pack into a dark pick-up truck and head off into the night.

On social media, the dynamic duo began teasing the single days ahead of its release. In a preview clip that Musgraves shared on her Instagram Monday, the singer is seen dyeing her hair blonde while looking into a mirror, in what appears to be a motel room.

The clip goes on to show glimpses of a steamy interaction. Viewers can also see that the sink — in which Musgraves uses to color her hair — is filled with items including metal scissors and what appears to be blood. Sivan is later seen smoking as the two stand in front of a grim motel.

On Sivan's Twitter Monday, the singer shared a video montage of his own. In it, he first appears somberly looking into a mirror. The scene was recorded with a green hue. He is then briefly seen in a similar clip that was filmed with a blue filter. In another scene, Musgraves appears in the dark bar as she dances with men around her.

Fans expressed their excitement for the music video premiere ahead of its release on both Instagram and Twitter. "I CANT WAIT," one person tweeted. "BLONDE BARBIE KACEY MAKING A COMEBACK," another fan commented on Instagram. "SCREAMING," added a third social media user.

Last month, Musgraves was nominated for a CMA Award for female vocalist of the year.

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