Katie Price shares plans to get ‘new face’ as she teases next cosmetic surgery

Katie Price announced to fans on her Instagram account today that she will be going under the knife.

The model used an older photo of herself on an Instagram story as she was in the passenger seat of her car at the time of the post.

She wrote: “So guys the time has come for many reasons.

“I’ve decided to go to @monocosmeticsurgery and can’t wait to show you before and after results and someone I know will also be having surgery but your all have to wait and see."

She also posted to her main page to express her discomfort with the way she looks and highlighted plans to film and put the change to YouTube.

She captioned: “Here I am today on my @jyylondon clothing shoot but I have to say I’m not happy with how I look at the moment so I’m really excited for when I go to @monocosmeticsurgery to change what I’m not happy with and can’t wait to show before and after and I’ll be filming Everything for my youtube channel too to show the whole journey”

This comes after Katie appeared on Steph’s Packed Lunch this afternoon to discuss getting liposuction to remove the 2st she recently gained before undergoing IVF.

After breaking her feet last year from a fall, Katie said that her inability to get out more caused the weight to add up.

Steph asked if she had any plans for surgery lined up, Katie replied: "Do you know what it is, I have tried so much to lose weight. Now, I do want a baby and obviously we're doing IVF, so we're doing the protocols we need to do for that. But I just want to shift some weight before I do it. So I am going to have surgery.

"When I come back in September after the summer, I might have a new face as well."

When jogging was brought up as a suggestion by Gayle Porter, Katie explained the story of jumping from a wall to what she thought would be a short drop, only for it to be 20ft up.

She continued: "So I was in a wheelchair – for me, I'm big. Usually I'm 54kg and now I'm about 68 and that is a lot for me. I know, sitting in my clothes and for myself, I'm just going to have to do it quick. Just get it sucked out."

Just a day prior Katie had been in the press for vowing to remove the extra weight in any way possible and after today’s interview with Steph with the follow up Instagram post, it seems liposuction is the choice she sees as best for her case.

It’s uncertain if Katie is referring to today’s talk with Steph or hinting at any larger cosmetic changes but time will tell.

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