Kesha Says Recent Tour Gave Her Hope for a Divided America: 'Love and Equality Will Win Out'

To many, it feels like America has never been more divided.

But pop star Kesha, who just wrapped up a big nationwide tour with Macklemore, says that visiting various cities across the U.S. and meeting people of all backgrounds actually gave her a glimmer of hope for the country’s future.

“It’s been amazing to go out there every night in a different city and feel this overwhelming sense of love and acceptance and positivity from … amazing people from all backgrounds,” she recently told T-Mobile Stories after the finale of her Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore tour.

“Even though our country is going through some stressful and divisive times, there is hope and I truly believe that love and equality and trust will win out over hate and division.” Kesha did not get into specifics but seemed to be referring to the political turmoil over Donald Trump‘s presidency.

The “Praying” singer, 31, says that as incredible as it was to perform onstage each night, the greatest part of hitting the road for her was visiting all the different cities and towns.

“What makes it really special is going out and taking in the different cultures, and the food, and the people,” she says. “And the shopping!”

She adds, “We’ve also been in some weird, random places. We’ve been to a lot of amusement parks. There’s been some weird malls. Those experiences stay with you forever and I’ve truly enjoyed them.”

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Now that the tour is over, the singer is gearing up for next year’s Weird & Wonderful Rainbow Ride cruise, on which she’ll be performing.

“My life is to spread as much love and positivity and glitter-filled rock and roll boogie magic as possible!” she says of the upcoming party cruise.

She adds, “I was a pirate in one of my past lives, so I may not come back once we set sail!”

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