Kevin Hart Stars In Video About Cheating Scandal

Kevin Hart stars in a video about a cheating scandal, something the actor has been subject to first hand.

Last fall, the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor’s cheating scandal was one hot topic. It played out in the media for months, even as he and his wife Eniko Parrish welcomed their only child Kenzo Kash Hart in November.

While the story has died down, the scandal is never far from the comedian who has decided to turn lemons into lemonade. Hart is currently starring in the new J. Cole music video that is literally about his cheating scandal. The song and the video are appropriately titled “Kevin’s Heart.” Oh yes, the actor is playing himself in a video about his being unfaithful to his wife.

As mentioned above, the 38-year-old plays himself in the video, where he is seen shopping at a grocery store under the glares of women who have heard how he is a cheater. It gets worse when Hart gets into his car. There is a breaking news story about how he was unfaithful on the radio and the scandal unfolds. He turns down the radio as he shakes his head embarrassed by what he has done. The shame he has brought to his family weighs on him.

“Told myself I’m strong enough and I’d shake it and I’m trying, but I’m only human. I know loving you is a crime. I take this cookie now I know I’ll do the time,” J. Cole sings, as he tries to capture how the actor felt about the scandal, as well as the impact one bad decision had on his life.

The video and song are really good. Despite being about a true story and a very serious nature, Hart does manage to keep his funnyman persona throughout the entire video. Not that he thinks the cheating scandal is funny. It is more how it is his nature to deal with life issues in a comedic nature.

Kevin Hart’s cheating scandal is making headlines once again, but this time he had not done anything wrong. In fact, he is putting it all back out there as he portrays himself in a video about how he cheated on his pregnant wife. He is definitely facing the music now.

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