Kevin Smith Drops Weight After Heart Attack [PHOTO]

Kevin Smith shared he has dropped some serious weight since having his heart attack.

The famed director used social media to reveal his dramatic 20-pound weight loss, almost one month after his massive heart attack. He also revealed how much weight the doctor told him he needed to lose, as well as how he plans to meet his goal.

“20 pounds in 13 days & my blood pressure is amazing. How did this happen? @pennjillette & his book “Presto” turned me on to @RayCronise and his program at My Doc said lose 50 pounds. 20 down, 30 more to go!” Smith Tweeted.

Wow, he lost that much weight in 13 days, which is great, but also crazy. Those who struggle to lose weight know it is difficult to even lose five pounds, so hats off to Smith.

After taking some time off following his heart attack, Smith recently returned to his podcast Hollywood Babble-On where he talked about his new diet plan. Magician Penn Jillette wrote the plant-based diet plan the director is following.


“It’s a pretty intense program, but it’s been interesting and of course necessary for my health and stuff. But once I get to a decent place, then I can think about eating again,” he shared on his podcast.

The Jay and Silent Bob star also revealed during the show his 18-year-old daughter Harley Quinn is thrilled with his new diet. Not only is she happy her father is focusing on being healthy, but she is a vegan and pleased he is no longer eating animal related products.

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“She’s like, ‘Welcome home brother.’ This doesn’t come from a personal philosophy; this comes from an ‘I have to.’ I don’t know if I call myself a vegan, maybe a non-animal eater,” revealed Smith regarding his necessary lifestyle change.

After surviving a widow-maker heart attack, Kevin Smith has lost 20 pounds and revamped his eating habits. He is sharing his journey with his fans on social media. Smith has been completely open and honest since the day his life changed. The 47-year-old is very lucky to be alive, which he clearly knows, as he is taking steps to help ensure it doesn’t happen to him again.

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