KT Tunstall Captures Youthful ‘Punk Spirit’ in New ‘Human Being’ Video

KT Tunstall has unveiled her empowering new video for “Human Being,” a track off the Scottish singer’s new album Wax. The video, directed by Tunstall, juxtaposes VHS-quality footage of a young girl practicing karate with the singer and her band performing the Wax track.

“My vision for the video was to create a mirror between a young, crazy-talented, bold little girl, and link that burgeoning energy to a band of warrior women who have achieved their goal of turning their young talents into something very real and powerful as working musicians and performers,” Tunstall said of the video in a statement.

“All of us living these lives through following our dreams and keeping that punk spirit we all had as kids, but always inevitably vulnerable as humans beings.”

“Human Being” is the second video, following “The River,” from Wax, which Tunstall called the second installment in a planned musical trilogy that began with 2016’s Kin.

“I knew before I started writing that I wanted it to be an electric guitar record,” Tunstall previously said of Wax. “It had to be visceral, about the physical, and the obstacles of that. It’s a record about human-ness, which we so often just write off as ‘flaws’. Wax evokes colonies of bees, candlelight, the material that the first long-playing records were made of, but more than that, wax is produced inside your own head.”

Tunstall is currently in the middle of her North American tour.

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