Liam Gallagher fans convinced Oasis icon secretly performed at tiny gig in Kent

Oasis fans are convinced former lead singer Liam Gallagher had a secret performance in a pub in Hallling in Rochester, Kent as a video went viral on TikTok.

In the video, 'Liam' could be seen in his trademark sunglasses and bucket hat as he performed Rock and Roll Star for the crowd in front of him at the venue.

As the crowd cheered, the singer sounded eerily like Liam as he held behind his back to sing into the microphone, sparking speculation from fans he was the real deal.

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One fan said: "There's a Liam Gallagher In every boozer, but they have the actual one."

Another added: "If that’s not Liam then I’ve genuinely never seen a better impersonator than him… doppelgänger."

A third chipped in: "That's definitely Liam Gallagher."

A fourth agreed: "That actually looks like him??"

The TikTok user claims Liam took to the stage as a surprise but had to stop after a while due to recently having a hip operation.

Liam has revealed he is still recovering from a hip operation, as he told his fans that the surgery "went well".

The singer, 50, had to have the joints replaced in his hip due to suffering from arthritis as a result of a thyroid problem.

He posted: "Morning Rastas, so I had my hip operation last wk [week] all went well and RESPEK [respect] to all the doctors n nurses who looked after me. Big shout out to the A team for getting us home safe n sound.

"You know who you are and Florence guru I love and adore you. Riverdance here I come LG x."

Fans quickly rushed to share their support as one said: "I hope the operation hasn't affected your swagger!!"

Liam responded: "I'm getting my physio to study old videos of my walk so we don't miss a trick, the comeback is real."


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