Liam Hemsworth Scares Miley Cyrus Yet Again in Funny Video Amid Rumors the Couple Had Split

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are still together — and the Australian movie star is still up to his usual pranks!

Amid reports that the couple had split up, Hemsworth shared a hilarious video on Thursday that let their fans know that they had nothing to worry about.

In the video, which the actor shared on his Instagram Story, the pair can be seen jamming out in a car together while filming a selfie video — before the 28-year-old actor screams and something pops out in front of Cyrus’ face.

“I’m gonna beat the s—” the singer begins telling her fiancé, before stopping herself from finishing the sentence.

Seemingly pleased with having successfully spooked the 25-year-old singer, Hemsworth, who has pranked the singer in a similar fashion many times throughout their relationship, held up a finger and told the camera that he was “Number one.”

Rumors about the couple’s relationship status began shortly after Cyrus deleted all of her Instagram photos.

While the actor is clearly a huge fan of his playful exploits, Cyrus has made it crystal clear she doesn’t feel the same way.

In May, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the “Older Now” singer spoke out about a video Hemsworth had recently shared at the time, which featured him hiding at the foot of a staircase and then popping out to scare his unsuspecting fiancée.

“F— you!” she shouted during the clip. “I hate you, I’m going to cry!

“She love when I do this,” he wrote alongside the video.

“I was already scared,” she told Kimmel. “That was what was so annoying. I was putting — and this was bad, I know that it’s May, and I was putting our Christmas decorations away finally. I like lights, and I like shiny things and elves, and they just live for like a whole summer. So now it was time, May 1, Christmas has gotta go.”

“So I was already in this really creepy basement and so I was coming up to say, ‘Oh my god, that basement is so scary,’ and then he jumped out at the worst time,” she continued, before adding that she’s not sure why she hasn’t caught on to his tricks yet.

While Cyrus remarked that she has tried to get Hemsworth back, there’s just one thing standing in her way: how loud she is.

“I’m obviously very loud so I’m not good at scaring people,” Cyrus continued, adding that whenever she tries, “He’s like, ‘I can hear you back there behind the door.’ ”

In late April, Cyrus also shared a selfie video of one of Hemsworth’s pranks, which occurred while the couple were taking a drive together.

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While the singer appeared to be busy dancing to 21 Savage’s 2017 single, “Bank Account,” the actor abruptly caught her off guard by yelling, “Oh s—!,” and pretending to lose control of their car.

“I f—ing hate when he does this s—,” the former Voice judge captioned the video.

Fans of Cyrus and Hemsworth, who first got engaged in 2012, will remember he pulled the same stunt back in 2016.

The engaged pair were singing along to Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” in a video that also featured her beagle Barbie. “Babe stop, seriously!” Cyrus can be heard saying in the selfie video after Hemsworth spontaneously yelled.

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