Lindsay Lohan Is Giving People Tattoos

Lindsay Lohan is taking her career in new directions, but nobody thought she was aspiring to become a tattoo artist. The actress is currently working with an artist in New York named JonBoy and has apparently given her first tattoo to a client. Is Lohan serious about becoming a tattoo artist?

JonBoy is a well-known tattoo artist in Manhattan and has worked for several popular celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. This past week, JonBoy shared several photos on social media of Lohan inside his parlor.

The actress was accompanied by her brother, Dakota, and her sister, Aliana. The group appeared to have a great time with JonBoy, and Lohan even tried her hand at giving a tattoo to one of JonBoy’s clients.

my new apprentice @lindsaylohan

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In one of the photos, which featured Lohan giving a tattoo, JonBoy tagged her as his “new apprentice.” In a later post, JonBoy shared a photo of Lohan’s tattoo, which he named “constellation by @lindsaylohan.”

Fans were quick to point out that the tattoo is barely visible, and it looks like Lohan just gave the person a few dots of ink, which sheds a little bit of doubt on Lohan’s future in the tattoo industry.

We don’t know if Lohan is serious about becoming a tattoo artist, but the chances are slim. Lohan has been engaged in several new projects in recent months.

This includes becoming a spokeswoman for the legal website, which helps individuals find the right attorney for whatever legal problem they are facing. She also pranked fans about being the commencement speaker for Harvard’s graduating class this year, so it’s clear that she’s having a lot of fun.

Speaking of her new gig on, Lohan recently admitted that she never expected to become an official spokeswoman for a legal company. Lohan, who has had her share of run-ins with the law, confessed that her partnership with the company is pretty ironic and that she never expected to receive positive feedback from it.

Lohan might also be gearing up for a big return to Life-Size 2. The actress has been hitting the gym regularly and recently shared a workout video on Instagram. She was also spotted hanging out with a mystery man in New York last week. The 31-year-old donned a floral-print strapless shirt for the outing complete with jeans and sunglasses.

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t commented on the tattoo photos.

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