Listen: Jackie Lee Opens Up About Cancer Battle on ‘Long Year’

The emotional song also finds the country singer singing about his mother’s death from ovarion cancer.

Country singer Jackie Lee has opened up about his cancer battle in new song Long Year.

The singer/songwriter details his battles with testicular cancer, which he fought twice, and his mother’s death from ovarian cancer in the track. He also documents his journey through chemotherapy in the video for the song.

“I hope that people know it’s coming from a real place, real emotion,” he tells People magazine. “(I hope it sends the message that) no matter what you’re going through, you’re going to get through it.”

Lee’s doctors informed him he was at risk of developing cancer after his mother’s death in June, 2016.

“I was like, ‘There’s no way this is cancer’… God, there’s no way, right? Of all the things we’ve just been through as a family, there’s no way’,” he recalls.

Lee underwent surgery to remove his diseased testicle in December, 2016, and subsequently learned he had stage two cancer after doctors tested the tissue. He then learned his cancer had returned to his lymph system after penning the new track in June, 2017.

The 26-year-old underwent chemotherapy to treat the cancer and is now in remission. He now wants to use his platform to make music that people connect to.

“I forgot that music is healing,” he says.

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