Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson’s steamiest confessions – control to plane sex

Megan Barton Hanson is famed for appearing on season four of Love Island in 2015.

The now 28-year-old entered the villa as a bombshell and finished in fourth place alongside ex-boyfriend Wes Nelson.

After her stint on the ITV2 dating show, the former stripper revealed she regularly faced backlash surrounding her sex life and had experienced slut shaming since school, but that those things would never stop her from being open about it.

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The reality star has always remained honest about the intimate details of her life, from joining OnlyFans, to proudly identifying as bisexual.

Megan has made plenty of sex confessions since leaving the famous villa, so Daily Star have looked back at her steamiest revelations, from dominance in the bedroom to having sex on a plane.

'Good d***'

Megan came out of Love Island on cloud nine after finding love with former engineer Wes, 24.

The pair dated for around six months before calling it quits in January 2019 because they were at different stages in their lives and had different priorities.

Reflecting on their relationship in September 2019, Megan made a raunchy confession about her sex life with her ex-boyfriend.

Speaking at the Ann Summers Pleasure Positivity event, the OnlyFans star told OK! magazine: "As much as I hate him now, that was a good d**k," before adding: "That willy – I've never seen one like that!"

A few months prior, Megan said The X Factor star was "vanilla" in the bedroom, telling The Sun: "I don't remember Wes really liking sex toys, in fact he was pretty vanilla in the bedroom.

"He was only young though bless him, he's got a lot to learn," she added.

The 28-year-old then confessed: "Whereas I love playing with sex toys, especially the rabbits. Women masturbating is nothing to be ashamed of, I feel like it's such a taboo."

Likes to be 'dominant'

In October 2020, Megan went into more detail about her bedroom antics and how she likes to be "dominant" with her partners.

The former stripper explained that despite being nervous when she was younger when it came to intimacy, she's now fully in control.

The Love Island star explained to The Sun: "Sex is so important, especially in these times when there’s so much stress about Covid. It’s the one pleasurable activity that doesn’t cost anything."

Speaking about a previous relationship, she revealed: "I was really into suggesting different positions. I’m quite demanding and dominant."

Explaining how she finds it "empowering" taking control, the reality starlet admitted she was the one who made the first move when it came to dating one of the doormen while working as a stripper.

"We had flirted a bit and one night I said to him, ‘What are you doing after work? I think you should come back to mine and we’ll have sex'. I found it really empowering to take the lead."

The star also confessed: "If I go three days without having sex when I’m with someone, I would be worried."

Sex on a plane

While taking part in an Instagram Q&A with her followers in November 2020, Megan admitted that a plane and her back garden were amongst the craziest places she has had sex.

The reality star explained she loves the "risk" that can come with having sex and touched upon the topic of sex addictions.

When asked by a follower where the craziest place she has had sex was, the OnlyFans star responded: "Plane, or my garden sunbathing and my neighbours were in their garden, just love the risk really."

In a related question, Megan was asked: "Do you think sex is addictive? And if so is that OK to constantly have that craving?"

Megan, who is the ex-girlfriend of TOWIE stars Demi Sims and James Locke, simply answered: "There's worse things to be addicted to."

In the same Q&A, she also touched upon her OnlyFans which she joined in March 2020 after becoming "bored" during lockdown.

One of the bombshell's followers told her they were considering joining the X-rated subscription site, to which Megan replied: "Ask yourself why you're nervous? Because you don't want to be s**t shamed? You have one shot at life, don't waste it being nervous of what other people think."

She added: "For years men and big companies have used women's sexuality to sell products (perfume adverts, music videos) OnlyFans allows women to take the power back."

Six times in one day

During a Q&A session on Instagram in March 2021, Megan revealed to her followers that she once had sex six times in one day.

Her followers put forward plenty of raunchy questions for the star to answer, and she was more than happy to divulge how active she can be in the bedroom.

One person asked: "Most times you've had sex in one day?"

"Erm five/six but that's not a regular thing hahaha," the You Come First podcaster openly replied.

The former glamour model has never been afraid to talk about intimate topics and revealed in the Q&A that she once got creative down below.

A fan asked: "Is bush making a come back?" to which the ITV2 star responded: "I hope so love a bush! I once tried to do a heart shape, it's harder than it looks."

Toe sucking

Megan has discussed plenty of topics when it comes to sex over the years, including the concept of sucking a partner's toes during the intimate act.

Appearing on MTV's That's What She Said in June 2021 alongside former Love Island stars Yewande Biala and Olivia Bowen, Megan admitted she would be happy to suck a woman's toes but draws the line when it comes to men.

Divulging further into the discussion on the YouTube programme, Olivia, 28 said: "If it doesn't turn you on I don't really see much point doing it unless you're really in love with that person and you're happy to please them for that reason."

Responding to this, Megan confessed: "I couldn't suck a man's toe. If it was a girl I'd be like 'oh come here babe'."


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