Mac Miller Announces Album, Drops Morbid Video for New Song ‘Self Care’ (Watch)

Just hours after his ex Ariana Grande dropped her new song, Mac Miller announced his forthcoming album “Swimming” will be released on Aug 3. and also shared a video for his new song “Self Care.”

The Christian Weber-directed clip, clearly an homage to Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill,” features a side view of Miller alive inside a coffin, reaching into his shoe to pull out first a cigarette, which he lights, then a knife. Like Uma Thurman in the film he uses the knife as a means to escape, digs himself out and is then seen standing on a pile of dirt. Then there’s an explosion.

The song’s lyrics reference Miller’s car accident and DUI arrest in March.

“I been losin’ my mind, yeah
Get the f— out the way, must be this high to play
It must be nice up above the lights, and what a lovely life that I made
I know that feelin’ like it’s in my family tree, yeah
That Mercedes drove me crazy, I was speedin’
Somebody save me from myself, yeah
Tell them they can take that bullsh– elsewhere
Self care, we gonna be good
Hell yeah, they lettin’ me go.”

The song is also a meditation on mortality, as Miller first uses the knife to carve the words “Memento mori” — “remember you have to die” in Latin — into the lid of the coffin.

The MC released three songs late in May, his first new music since his 2016 album “The Divine Feminine.” Only “Small Worlds” from that batch will appear on the album (see the tracklist below), while “Buttons” and “Programs” remain non-LP.

“Swimming” Track listing:






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