Man Says The Band Death Grips Gave Him Energy To Destroy Donald Trump’s Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Experimental punk rap outfit Death Grips are not generally considered to be a household name. However that may be about to change as the perpetrator who destroyed President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has come forward and clarified that he was listening to the band while taking a pick axe to carry out the job.

According to a report from Consequence of Sound, Austin Clay took to Hollywood Boulevard to obliterate Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame, fueled by the lyrical stylings of rapper MC Ride, the drums of Zach Hill, and the electronic sounds of Andy Morin.

Clay didn’t specify which album he was listening to while carrying out the brazen act of vandalism.

“I put on some headphones; I was listening to Death Grips, which is some high-energy, ridiculous music. It gave me the energy I needed to tear through the star. Rocks were flying up in my face. I wanted to obliterate the thing, because I thought that would be a statement. We’re removing him from the ground, we’re removing him from Hollywood, we’re removing him from California, we’re removing him from the United States.”

Death Grips are known for songs like “Giving Bad People Good Ideas,” “I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States,” and “The Fever,” though none of the band members have gone on record and divulged their personal feelings on Donald Trump, or the Republican Party in general.

Notoriously private, all the band members of Death Grips are generally camera shy, but most especially frontman MC Ride. In 2012, Spin named the band Artist of the Year and interviewed the members, MC Ride (real name Stefan Burnett) cemented his lack of interest in divulging personal information by declining to give any information about himself whatsoever, and adding that he is unlikely to ever do so.

“I’m a very private person. I have very few people that I call my friends. I’m very distrustful of human beings in general; I’m very distrustful of media. I have no interest in sharing my personal life with the world. Zero.”

As was likely expected by fans, Death Grips have not responded to Austin Clay’s declaration that the band help fuel his inspiration to carry out the act of vandalism against Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Earlier this year, Death Grips released Year of the Snitch, which garnered a number of positive reviews across music outlets. Rolling Stone named their recent single, “Black Paint,” the song of the summer.

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