Marvel Boss Explains How Hulk’s Snap Did More Than Just Bring Everyone Back

Kevin Feige has explained how Smart Hulk’s snap did more than just bring billions, if not trillions of living things back to the MCU.

Apparently, due to the latest Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer being released, everyone is now free and clear to discuss Avengers: Endgame and all of its spoilers. However, even though the title of this story gives away a major plot point, if you still haven’t seen the movie and don’t want it spoiled any further, look away now.

As with any Marvel movie, fans have picked about everything and anything about it since its release. One of the things that has left fans scratching their heads is the specifics regarding Hulk’s snap. Bruce Banner was powerful enough to wield the Infinity Stones, snap his fingers, and bring back trillions of living things. But where did all of those trillions reappear?

Some pointed out that many would have been in cars or even in the air when they disappeared. Does that mean when Hulk snapped his fingers, some people appeared thousands of feet in the air and fell to their deaths? Thankfully, no, that is not what happened. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige explained exactly why that was not the case during a recent Reddit AMA.

What was made clear during Endgame is that when a Snap happens, the snapper basically envisions what they want to happen and it becomes so. Feige explained that since Bruce Banner was Smart Hulk when he performed his Snap, he just made sure that he brought everybody back safely. Hey presto, a potential plothole perfectly rationalized and explained.

In a movie with so many threads, and time travel thrown in, it would have been so easy to create plotholes. It’s actually pretty remarkable that Endgame wound up being as airtight as it is. Even the above issue is one that was shut down immediately by creators. Not only can everything we saw on-screen be explained, but it seems that everything happening in the background has also been thought of. Plus, more and more will be explained as new movies and TV shows are released over time.

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