McFly finally give fans sixth record before headlining O2 Arena in November

Nine years after their last LP McFly are back and finally ­giving fans that promised sixth record.

Every Sunday for the next two months the boys will be releasing new tracks as part of a ‘Lost Songs’ project before headlining London’s O2 Arena for the first time.

However, the guys admitted it took time for them to get to this place after the McBusted tour four years ago left their friendship in a “worse place” than it had ever been.

Drummer Harry Judd confessed: “McBusted was incredible, the most incredible experience for all six of us.

“It was strange for the four of us, there was suddenly two new ­members and the dynamics did change slightly.

“And after McBusted our personal friendships were probably in the worse place they’ve been in the entire 13 years we’ve known each other.” Danny Jones joked they’d only check in through social media, saying: “Instagram has been great as I was able to catch up with all these boys and didn’t even have to talk to them!”

Singer Tom Fletcher compared the supergroup as being unfaithful, and says they had to undergo ­counselling to fix the cracks.

He added: “It’s a bit like we had an affair and we didn’t know how to get through that so we had some ­marriage counselling and we’ve been seeing other people for a while.”

The guys say they owe this comeback and the songs they recorded for album six all those years ago to their fans.

Harry said: “It’s a gift to the fans as a sorry.”

The first lost song to be released will be Red and tickets for McFly’s London O2 show on November 20 go on sale this Friday.

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