Meow! All of Taylor Swift's Cattiest Moments with Her Feline Friends

Taylor Swift is arguably the world’s most famous cat lady — and now fans will reportedly get to see the superstar in her element alongside Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen and James Corden in a movie adaptation of Cats.

Over the years, the Grammy winner, 28, has had two steadfast pals to help her through the tough times that come with being a high-profile celeb — no, we’re not talking about her squad of famous friends. This is a job for the comforting nature of cats.

Here are all the ways Meredith and Olivia have been her biggest support system (we think they’ll be the first in line to see Swift’s return to the big screen).

They are all about her human squad — here’s Gigi Hadid getting cozy with Olivia.

They are innovative music collaborators.

They’re always there to welcome her home.

They’re drama-free travel companions.

They stare down any pesky photographers.

They keep her company on commercial sets.

They know how to pose for the perfect social media shot.

They aren’t afraid to speak up and keep their mom humble. That’s a moonman, Meredith!

With these cats, Ms. Swift always has a fully booked social calendar.

They’re always up for giving fashion advice.

They keep the “awws” alive in Taylor’s hectic life.


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